CDFC leads, manages expectations, effectively plans and implements strategies.

We know the competition and make swift yet data-driven decisions.

How does the CDFC process work?

Imagine a Trivial Pursuit game piece with different sections; CDFC’s process consists of multiple sections using the X-FACTOR METHODOLOGY™ to help you succeed.

  • CDFC starts with a Data-Driven Blueprint, which is a thorough review of your ecommerce business that creates a detailed strategy that can immediately be executed for success.

  • We then help you develop your Digital Brand Bible, a cohesive story to help elevate all marketing and ecommerce brand materials.

  • After we have your digital brand story-telling and blueprint, we then create an in-depth strategy roadmap and SPRINT GANTT chart with tangible action items.

  • Driven by our engineered analytics, CDFC’s comprehensive analytics creates a custom benchmarking and modeling process for each client and delivers KPI metric reporting into multiple reporting dashboards.

  • CDFC conducts Mini Audits every quarter, since Ecommerce moves fast we constantly need to pivot in 90 day sprints.

CDFC is your high level strategy and ecommerce lead, with Devin as your expert, seamlessly working with all teams—internal, external, agencies and PE firms.