Devin Fitzpatrick plays an instrumental role in growing our e-commerce over the past two years. She has helped us set strategy, analyze the data, direct and PUSH our PPC & SEO agencies, lead our internal staff and provide critical direction on new hires.

She is a TRUE team player and Cabana Life’s one stop shop in directing and managing all of our e-commerce needs. She has always guided us in making thoughtful decisions on when/how to spend advertising & marketing dollars and paving the path to reach our sales goals.
— Alyssa Adams, Founder, CABANA LIFE
Since starting with CDFC LLC in 2015, we couldn’t be happier, and have seen a significant growth with our e-commerce and marketing performances. Devin is extremely knowledgeable with industry standards and current trends, that she then tailors perfectly to help improve and drive our ROI. Working hand-in-hand with our e-commerce team, by overseeing all marketing channels and strategies including: PPC, social media ads and email marketing, we have seen sales double.

Devin has also helped foster the growth of our ecommerce team, being an integral part of the hiring, training and mentoring process. She is extremely responsive whenever there are any questions or needs and the team depends heavily on her guidance and experience. We are truly grateful to have Devin be apart of the Lilla P team.
— Dannika Solano, LILLA P
From the moment I spoke with Devin, I knew that we would work incredibly well together. She has not only been a mentor for me, but also a friend. She is the person I reach out to to bounce ideas off of, and she always responds back incredibly quickly (even late at night or weekends), with thoughtful insight and advice. She continues to push our team to get where we need and want to be with detailed strategies, inspiration and motivates us to move forward so that we can grow our brand. She is incredibly easy to speak with and I always feel comfortable going to her for any advice I am struggling with. I enjoy her witty personality and she always pushes me, in a positive way to continue to make strides not only in my own position but for the brand as a whole.
Our team leans on her for her e-commerce strategies, as her retail background has proven to showcase her incredible vision to take our brand to the next level. We implement her advice and guidance and we continue to see the positive impact her contributions make for our brand.
— Lauren Alleva, CABANA LIFE
If I were to start an eCommerce company tomorrow, my very first order of business would be to recruit Devin.
While Devin certainly possess many highly desirable traits: positive, energetic, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented with a never say die attitude, in my opinion Devin’s real gift lies in her ability to inspire confidence in her clients by helping them find the right path forward for their business. Over the last three years, I have enjoyed watching Devin re-energize clients who have become paralyzed by a daunting eCommerce landscape into emboldened, confident and decisive leaders who are once again having fun running their company.
Beyond that, Devin is a loyal friend and eCommerce visionary who I am proud to recommend and look forward to partnering with for many years to come.
Devin has a very energetic personality and works extremely hard to over-deliver. She is the type of person who is willing to take on any project that is thrown at her. She holds herself to a very high standard and will most likely always go over and beyond what she is asked to do. Devin’s communication and leadership skills make her a great team player, but it’s her dedication and highly motivated spirit that make her a true asset.
— Jeannetta Gerrish, PLANIT
Devin is great to work with. She has an eye for details and ensures that the campaign is running hassle free. The communication has always been prompt with her. I highly recommend her services.
I was very much impressed with the way Devin was able to turn a nearly nonexistent department into an exceedingly profitable one. Her industry experience and sense of organization allowed for efficient and effective project and people management which not only made her successful in her role but also a delight to partner with on internal business initiatives as well as company-wide marketing strategies.
— Margaret Heaphy, J.MCLAUGHLIN
Devin is the perfect balance of a human ray of light and no nonsense get stuff done kind of gal. My dealings with Devin, particularly on set, where utterly friendly and relaxed yet it always seemed we got 100% more done than most meetings I could compare it to. Her foresight is always 3 steps ahead and her taste impeccable in all areas. I would highly suggest everyone has the opportunity to work with her.
— Mairghread "Muffy" Morton, MODCo
Devin is exceptional! When we were totally overwhelmed and stuck so she stepped into the role of CEO. Devin helped us stay on course and stay focused on launching our brand and website. Her organization was superior. She was amazing with with project management, she organized our profit and loss statements, and has acute attention to detail. Her team is also fantastic to work with. Thanks to Devin we actually were able to launch our website and got us off the ground!
— Hilde Schirmer, BODHI VIDA
Devin is a perfect client and working with her feels like you are working alongside with a partner. I was treated very well, she knows what she wants and was able to relay it to me (patiently). She is very direct when giving instructions and give a realistic timeframe to deliver.