We are experts versed in making swift yet data-driven decisions.

CDFC is your high level strategy and ecommerce advisor, with Devin as your expert, seamlessly working with all teams—internal, external, agencies and PE firms.

How does the CDFC process work?

Using our X-FACTOR METHODOLOGY™, we develop tailored Ecommerce blueprints to achieve measurable results for our clients.

  • CDFC starts with a Data-Driven Audit, which is a thorough review or your brand’s identity, customers, user behavior, analytics and KPIs, acquisition and retention channels, products and overall Ecommerce sales.

  • After the audit is completed, CDFC constructs a Foundational Blueprint, which is a comprehensive plan designed to execute your new Ecommerce strategy.

  • Another essential component is to develop a Digital Brand Bible which redefines key branding elements to ensure your brand’s story and UVP are differentiated and cohesive within the marketplace.

  • Together the Blueprint and DBB finalizes your strategic roadmap using CDFC’s SPRINT GANTT MODEL to outline projects and timelines, including action items from your brand’s audit.

  • Using our data-driven approach, CDFC establishes a comprehensive analytical dashboard used to deliver non-traditional KPI metric reporting.

  • Our CEO’s ability to uniquely interpret analytics, turns customer experience data into valuable insights to form data-driven decisions.

  • By consistently analyzing your online store and customer data, we are able to determine meaningful findings and apply them in real-time.

  • CDFC conducts Mini Audits every quarter, since Ecommerce moves fast we constantly need to pivot in 90 day sprints.