1. ECOMM & Digital Marketing Audit 

    It all starts here!  Before we suggest a piece of content or even a line of code, we audit your business so we can transform it. 

    1. In-depth audit examines your digital online footprint, the online environment, operations, channel penetration, and your online competitors.

    2. Evaluate and benchmark the performance of your website based on the industry standards or your competitors.

    3. Provides detailed design recommendations, content marketing strategies, and a plan that supports the needs and goals of your business. 

    4. Define concrete objectives (KPI's), which play a fundamental role in customizing marketing campaigns. 

    5. We digest business intelligence, marketing goals, brand vision, and product logistics to provide best-of-breed execution plans tailored to your needs. Whether your business is pre-launch or has already gone public, we've got you covered.

Audit Next Steps

    1. Breakout the audit into digestible and tangible tasks, outlining the next steps for your company. 

    2. We create a detailed GANTT roadmap that creates the foundation to grow your ecommerce business

    3. All teams collaborate to scope and execute the tasks, which usually can be completed within 70-95 days (depending on the speed of the decision-making.)

2. Digital Brand Bible

Digital platforms provide a unique yet impersonal (disconnected/ detached) atmosphere, restricting the time available to sell them on your product, this places heightened importance on your Brand’s story, taglines, brand pillars, and most importantly - your value proposition, which is a crucial factor in communicating & ultimately winning customer loyalty in online retail. 

    1. Establish a digital representation of your brand and story to ensure your customers clearly receive the content / intended goal of your messages. 

    2. Create a clear customer message and unique value proposition. 

    3. A key branding tool to guide all content creators for the brand, in order to achieve choseive, consistent and recognizable marketing and communication across all platforms. 

    4. Since the digital consumer cannot touch, feel, or try your product, you have a short window to sell them. Branding story, taglines, brand pillars and most importantly, your value proposition is key to communicate and win customer’s loyalty in retail.

3. Command Center 

  1. Live and continuously updated document that hosts your essential project information and company’s ecommerce repository. 

  2. Allows all team members, agencies and key partners to access information and view the project status and deliverables

  3. Once priorities have been determined, CDFC will develop a marketing roadmap to outline budgets, timelines, and respective responsibilities. 

4. Strategic Marketing & Ecommerce Blueprint 

  1. A foundational blueprint is crucial to establish your primary ecommerce goals, objectives and strategies.

  2. Outlines the recommended strategy and tactics for your brand to reach its primary audiences and achieve agreed upon objectives. 

  3. The result -  a comprehensive roadmap for success. From the content that needs to be created to the detailed execution of a multi-channel marketing plan


  • High-level Ecommerce Strategy & Execution 

  • Ecommerce Growth Strategy

  • Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Calendar Creations

  • UI/ UX Design & Analytics 

  • User Journey + Website Experience  

  • Inventory + Planning Strategy  

  • Process & Operational Recommendations

  • Agency Management 


  • Engineered Analytics 

    • Hyper link out to the page that explains this

  • Custom KPI Reports & BI Dashboards

  • Analysis, Reporting and Recommendations

  • Heatmap implementation & Analysis

  • Data Visualization 

  • Conversion Funnel + User Tracking  Analysis & Research 

  • Financial Modeling & Reporting 



    • Brand and identity planning (hyperlink to page)

  • Proprietary Initial + Quarterly Audits 

  • Brand Identity and Planning

  • Channel Planning 

  • Strategic Roadmaps & Frameworks

  • Ongoing Sitewide Optimization