Cabana Life 2

From the moment I spoke with Devin, I knew that we would work incredibly well together.

She has not only been a mentor for me, but also a friend. She is the person I reach out to to bounce ideas off of, and she always responds back incredibly quickly (even late at night or weekends), with thoughtful insight and advice. She continues to push our team to get where we need and want to be with detailed strategies, inspiration and motivates us to move forward so that we can grow our brand. She is incredibly easy to speak with and I always feel comfortable going to her for any advice I am struggling with. I enjoy her witty personality and she always pushes me, in a positive way to continue to make strides not only in my own position but for the brand as a whole.

Our team leans on her for her e-commerce strategies, as her retail background has proven to showcase her incredible vision to take our brand to the next level. We implement her advice and guidance and we continue to see the positive impact her contributions make for our brand.

— Lauren Alleva, CABANA LIFE

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