CDF Consulting: High Level ECommerce Advisors

Ecommerce and digital marketing advisors with a unique methodology that delivers tailored strategies and proven results by being data scientists.


Why CDFC  

Using CDFC's unique, time-tested X- FACTOR METHODOLOGY™, we develop tailored eCommerce data-driven digital roadmaps, for each client, within each promotion campaign -- achieving tangible and measurable off-the-chart sales outcomes.


Tailored digital advisory services generating targeted sales outcomes.


CDFC’s unique and proven X- FACTOR METHODOLOGY™


C-Suite level, data-driven cartographers


We add bottom-line VALUE. We want real results. 

CDFC is your advisor in the complex world of digital marketing and ecommerce. Your investment will help and guide you and your team to make the right decisions and implement our proven methodology to transform your B2C business.


We focus on NET PROFIT. Gross revenue is not the sole mark of excellence.

With an unbiased perspective, we provide a unique area of expertise that’s driven by performance processes to accelerate ecommerce sales growth. CDFC audits your entire company from inventory, margins, balance sheets, omni-channel, ROAS, operations and beyond.


Case Studies

We do more than market your brand. CDFC helps you re-develop relationships with your customers and transform the way your business operates.