X Factor™ Methodology


We are hyper-analytical—we don’t rattle off numbers.

We are diligent in understanding and mining your data. Whether you are a D2C startup or an established e-commerce brand, the X-FACTOR METHODOLOGY™ is a modeled approach you and your team can finally count on.


We live in GANTT charts—we don’t do templates.

We oversee complex project execution where we develop a task dependency flow model to move multiple projects to completion. Our initial analysis creates your e-commerce roadmap with major milestones that articulates our strategic thinking—“the how”—behind the necessary initiatives that achieve results.


Full throttle and agile—we don’t just “let it run”.

Successful execution at CDFC means being diligent in our process and pivoting quickly when data dictates a necessary change. Optimization is a critical, continual process, so we constantly adjust, revise, analyze and fine-tune to sustain hyper-growth.


Engineered Analytics


Spend wisely—we don’t waste your money.

Everyday we problem solve UI/UX issues to drive higher conversion. Our focal point is on retention before acquisition. We make prioritized decisions to determine where to best invest your efforts and financial obligations to increase sales and drive profit—transforming your bottom line.


We are data scientists—we don’t regurgitate numbers.

Real-time insights turn into integrated marketing tactics, as we quickly interpret your data in a unique way. We leverage your data into actionable insights and combat “analysis paralysis” in order to make customer-driven decisions.

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Conversion is our focus—not vanity metrics.

CDFC’s benchmarking and modeling process delivers non-traditional KPI metric reporting into multiple customized reporting dashboards. We create your new baseline benchmark driven by acquisition and retention AI testing, since AB testing is dead.